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Micron Filter Cartridges WHCFDWH

(Whirlpool) Whole House Filtration WHCF-DWH

Whole House Filtration WHCF-DWH-Micron Filter Cartridges WHCFDWH Whirlpool

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Sometimes, boiling is not enough to get rid of the impurities in drinking water for people to drink. This is why companies like Ahdorma offer alternatives for Whirlpool water purification units that truly get the impurities out of the water by using low micron filter cartridges. Using these particular filters has advantages of economical value. The Whirlpool micron filter cartridges can filter out impurities without filtering out healthy and essential minerals found in water. Aside from this, Whirlpool filter cartridges are relatively easy to install and replace as well.

A micron is a measurement of a particle which is basically a micro-meter or one-millionth of a meter. With a low micron filter cartridge, like the ones provided by Whirlpool, water can be effectively purified in a way that the smallest silt, bacteria, and viruses can be separated from the end water product of the purification process. Many of these fine micron filter cartridges are created for both industrial and home use. However, it is advisable that even if industrial water providers use them, people should still apply them in their homes privately to get the best purified water available for drinking for their families.

Many of these domestic-type micron filter cartridges can come in a form that will fit on kitchen faucets. This way, as the flow of the water commences, it is filtered automatically in the process. More complicated methods in using specialized micron filter cartridges from Whirlpool may require a countertop apparatus wherein the water flow from the faucet is directed to a secondary stage where water purification through filtering is done. Many of the micron filter cartridges contain activated charcoal that is used as an agent in the filtering process. Activated charcoal is given appropriate treatment process in laboratories to expand surface area through heightened porosity.

The Whirlpool WHCF-DWH Whole House Filtration Housing (now-discontinued), uses STANDARD sized Filters.

You may choose from ANY
of the following WHCF-DWH compatible Whirlpool Sediment Filters:

P1 155225
For details click: P1 155225
Sediment 1 Micron Spun Polypropylene 2-3/8'' x 9-7/8'' P-1 Filter
Unit Quantity

(related: P25 155015 P5-20 155016 P1-20 155304 )
To select, click
P25 155015
For details click: P25 155015
25 Micron Spun Polypropylene P-25 2-3/8'' x 9-7/8'' Sediment Filter
Unit Quantity

(related: P5 155014 P1 155225 P25-20 155226 )
To select, click
P5 155014
For details click: P5 155014
P-5 Spun Polypropylene, 2-3/8'' x 9-3/4'', 5 Micron Sediment Water Filter
Unit Quantity

(related: P25 155015 P5-20 155016 P5-478 155030 P1 155225 )
To select, click
S1 155001
For details click: S1 155001
Pleated Cellulose 2-1/2'' x 9-3/4'' 20 Micron S-1 Sediment Water Filter
Unit Quantity

(related: R30 155017 S1-20 155303 S1-20BB 155305 S1-BB 155405 )
To select, click
CP-5 155182
For details click: CP-5 155182
255482-43 Pleated Cellulose Polyester 5 Micron 2-1/2'' x 9-3/4'' ECP 5 10
Unit Quantity

(related: CP5-BB 155184 CP5-20 155414 CP5-20BB 155428 )
To select, click

NOTE: you may also choose a standard sized (approx. 2-1/2'' x 10'') CARBON filter for this housing.
The now-discontinued whcf-dwhv housing can be compared to at Whirlpool WHCF-DWHV Filter Housing

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