30 inch 5 micron PX05-30
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30 inch 5 micron PX05-30

(Purtrex Osmonics) 5 Micron Large Sediment Removal Water Filter PX05 30 93059 GE polypropylene 2-1/2''x30''

5 Micron Large Sediment Removal Water Filter PX05 30 93059 GE polypropylene 2-1/2''x30''-30 inch 5 micron PX05-30 Purtrex Osmonics

The Osmonics GE brand, provide for the retail and industrial market the Purtrex sediment water filters that use microfiber technology, with which competitors in the water filtration industry have difficulties to compete. The GE sediment filters are made up of polypropylene, a great selection for dirt holding. This is what makes purtrex water filters far more durable while less filter cartridge changes are needed compared to most of other string wounded or resin bonded water filters, that require a lot more replacement. The GE purtrex water filters are therefore a better product with many if not all the qualities a consumer of good water filters would request and ask for.

Additionally, The purtrex sediment filters are quick and easy on installation. There is no pre-rinsing required compared to carbon filters. No antistatic agents are found in the filters either. The water filtrate is clean and foam free as purtrex filters are fully made up of polypropylene. Since no pre-rinsing is required, a lot of labour and downtime is saved. In addition, the production capacity is fully enhanced.

The filtrate base in these water filters is consistent. The particles structure that are thermally bonded would not release any particles. In other ordinary sediment water filters, the unbounded strings may separate on occasion to create channels when used under pressure. The particles may later pass through these channels. However, Puretrex Sediment Polypropylene fibres help keep the particles in trap even if the unit is under pressure. Purtrex Sediment water filters deliver a filtrate consistent in quality. They would prevent upsets while downstream purification processing for its entire lifetime.

The predictable filter life performance is owed to the GE sediment filters continuous manufacturing. The material for purtex filters construction is single. The material used is 100 percent polypropylene which helps provide compatibility for chemicals together with ease of usage. Whereas the string-wound sediment water filters consist of a core, string, antistatic agent, and might also contain resins and/or binders. These additives can somewhat complicate the water fitlers compatibility and disposal of filter process. Purtrex GE Osmonics meets the FDA requirements for serving the food and beverage industry.

The precise identification for GE sediment filters is easy through the carton and the filter labelling, which allows you to get rid of change-out and replacement confusion. When replacement of water filters is needed, there would be no need to count the strings... The GE purtrex sediment water filters are well labelled to make the replacement fast and easy.

These sediment filters cover a wide market. They are used in the food and beverage industries, may be used for pre-RO reverse osmosis, industry metal finishing, fine chemicals, electric, gas and oil. The purtrex GE Osmonics sediment filters are a good source for healthy and pure means of living.

Some Specifications of this Extra Large Sediment Water Filter and its Performance:

  • Sediment Nominal Micron Rating: 5 Micron
    Filter Width:
  • Outside Nominal Diameter: 2-1/2'' (6.4 centimeter)
  • Inside Nominal Diameter: 1'' (2.5 milimeter)
  • Water Filter Length: 30 inches approx.
  • Filtration Media: Polypropylene
  • FDA compliant for food and beverage contact.

    30 inch 5 micron PX05-30

    5 Micron Large Sediment Removal Water Filter PX05 30 93059 GE polypropylene 2-1/2''x30''

    - Purtrex Osmonics -

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