Inline UV Light System PUV-6W-110
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Inline UV Light System PUV-6W-110

(Watts) Economical Inline UltraViolet 6 Watts, 110v, 60hz

Economical Inline UltraViolet 6 Watts, 110v, 60hz-Inline UV Light System PUV-6W-110 Watts

The Inline UV Ultraviolet Disinfection Sterilization CH-UV-6W can be directly connected to the 1/4'' water line and can provide steriled drinking water by killing almost all (thats 99.9 percent) of all bacteria and viruses which may be in your water.

This inline UV system is commenly used in better Reverse Osmosis filtration systems, as it is economical and makes a great addition to RO drinking water systems, by ensuring the most safe water supply.

How does it work? UV or ultra-violet light uses high frequency light to clarify water through a glass bulb. When the purified water is exposed to the uv light, all small living organisms, bacteria and viruses etc., are destroyed.

The PUV-6W-110 uv would kill cryptosporidium, giardia, bacteria, coliforms, viruses, and other biological pathogens.

The PUV-6W110 UV Ultraviolet comes with a plastic housing where the system is kept, includes a replaceable UltraViolet lamp, and the replacable ballast. A Glowing End Cap provides visual confirmation that the UV lamp is on and working.

UV INLINE PUV-6W-110 specific:

  • Flow Rate: 1 Gallong Per Minute
  • Capacity: 1500 Gallons or 1 year
  • Maximum Tempature: 104 F°
  • Maximum Pressure: 120 PSI
  • Overall Dimensions: 1.9'' x 11''
  • Electricity: Uses 6 Watts, 110V, 60 Hz.
  • Connections: 1/4" "Quick Connect" John Guest Fittings
  • stainless steel lined reaction chamber, requires only the lamp to be replaced.

    Inline UV Light System PUV-6W-110

    Economical Inline UltraViolet 6 Watts, 110v, 60hz

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